Welcome to the website of the Sydney Amiga Users Group!

Next Meeting:Sunday 21st July 2024

The Sydney Amiga Users Group (SAUG) was originally started in 2001 by Steve Bowman and Basil Flinter.

The inaugural meeting was held in the Epping School of Arts Main Hall on Sunday 1st July 2001.

The user group was focused on the Classic Commodore Amiga but also newer developments such as the NG (Next Generation) Amigas – which eventually came to be known as the AmigaOne.

A lot has changed since then. The Classic Amiga is now well and truly a “retro” machine. The NG Amigas came and went, and are now mainly a niche product.

The user group is now focused on 1980-1990 era retro computers in general, such as Commodore, Apple and Atari machines. This also includes the Amiga of course!

While initially seen as outdated and often thrown out, “retro” machines from the 1980s-1990s have in the last decade experienced a small resurgence in popularity. This has caused them to increase in value and an increasing amount of people are keen to revive and to relive their past experiences with their old computing hardware.

If you need help repairing, reviving or using your Commodore, Amiga or other retro machine please contact us or come to one of our meetings!

All people are welcome and we are keen to help where possible.