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Next Meeting:Sunday 16th June 2024

After a busy meeting in May, the June meeting was a fairly relaxed affair.

There was one small exception however – SAUG member Stu brought his long awaited Vampire 600 accelerator card!

For those that haven’t heard, the Vampire is a new line of accelerator cards for the Amiga 600 and 500 that includes a variety of new features including:

  • FPGA core emulation of a fast 68000 (68060)
  • HDMI output
  • MicroSD card interface
  • 128MB RAM
  • Built-in Kickstart
  • 44-pin IDE interface (Vampire 500)

As can be appreciated, this accelerator has the potential to completely revamp an Amiga. It is especially useful in compact machines such as the A600 and A500 which normally require a lot of add-ons and possibly some hacking to add all these features.


Stu's V600 installed in his A600

Stu’s Vampire 600 installed in his A600


Close-up of Stu's Vampire 600 installed in his A600

Close-up of Stu’s Vampire 600 V2 installed in his A600


Having just received his Vampire 600, Stu had not yet had much of an opportunity to test its potential. However we did manage to get the arcade version of Outrun running using the original ROMs and at full speed!


Arcade version of Outrun running on an Amiga 600

Arcade version of Outrun running on an Amiga 600


For further information on the Vampire accelerator see http://www.apollo-accelerators.com/

Prior to the July meeting I was advised that two SAUG members had received a Vampire 500. Head to the July meeting report to read about them!


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