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Next Meeting:Sunday 21st July 2024

It was an action-packed SAUG meeting this month with many members new and old bringing along their Amiga’s and other classic computers.

Ross and Leslie our electronics experts were kind enough to use a logic analyser to troubleshoot one of Geoff’s Vic-20s that was not displaying video. Leslie was able to quickly troubleshoot the problem to a capacitor and was able to get video displaying shortly afterwards.

The boys then turned their skills to an Amiga 2000 that was not booting using a DiagROM to isolate the issue. They were able to discover that there is a problem with the ChipRAM.

Owen brought his trusty A500 & 1084s combo and was displaying the Amiga version of Stunt Car Racer and Dune for members.

Geoff brought along an Atari 1040ST, the 16-bit sibling to the Amiga. Members were interested to compare the ability of the TOS operating system and the ST version of Stunt Car Racer, noting the Amiga’s improved frame rate and sound quality over its rival.

Stu brought along his ultra-rare Phoenix Amiga 1000 for troubleshooting of the keyboard and for demonstrating games and applications on his high-end digital projector that is capable of 15khz output. Members were impressed with the quality and size of the image.


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David John Pleasance says

Nice to hear and see plenty of C= and Amiga activity in the city where I spent 2 1/2 years from age of 17.
Very fond memories too

My book "Commodore The Inside Story is due for release very shortly - end July early August (depending on the printer's turn around time.



Owen Hayes says

Thanks so much David we are very big fans of your work in the community and have backed your Kickstarter - can't wait to read it!

Feel free to join our meeting the next time you are in Sydney.