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Next Meeting:Sunday 21st July 2024

It was another stellar month and turnout at the Sydney Amiga User Group with a wide representation of many of Commodore’s finest computing achievements, with members gathering again to share their latest projects and troubleshoot problems.


Phil returned this month with an Amiga 2000 which he is currently repairing. The video output was playing up when the motherboard was placed in its case, suggesting that the board may be warped.

Rod & Owen ensured the A500 got a strong representation this month with demonstrations of a variety of demos and games. Also pictured is Rod’s vintage M-Tec 68020 accelerator.

The boys were also learning some coding routines using C64 Kickass IDE – a modern full cross-platform IDE  designed for the Commodore 64.

Geoff and Leslie were working hard on reviving Geoff’s ultra-rare German A2000 with a logic analyser – they are getting very close now!


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Syed Umer Rizvi says

Do you cater for c64?