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Next Meeting:Sunday 16th June 2024

November was an incredible month at Sydney Amiga User Group as we came together to share our passion for all things Commodore.

First up is Geoff’s rare German A2000 is now fully operational- the culprit was a bad ChipRAM, now it is an incredible machine. Well done, Geoff!

SAUG welcomed a new member Syed this month who brought along his tricked out C64 with a 1541 Ultimate. Syed demonstrated his knowledge of 6502 Assembly which he was using to create a game.

Rod brought one of his A500’s which was had dropped half of its ChipRAM just before the meeting for troubleshooting.

He also brought along a CD32 with Stephen Leary’s TF328 design – an amazing addon for the CD32!!

Workbench is fully operational with the TF328 addon – making the CD32 an incredible Amiga in a small form-factor.

Johannas brought along his A600 which was experiencing issues with left clicking on a mouse with controller port 1.

Ross and Leslie’s eagle eyes were able to track the issue to a broken trace from corrosion which was causing the problem.

Leslie was able to successfully repair it in minutes Рwithout a digital microscope as well!  the A600 now works perfectly with both mouse buttons operational.

Do you live in the greater Sydney area and love all things Amiga and Commodore? we would love to see you at our next special Christmas meeting on Sunday, December 16th 2018!!


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